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New Pope Francis opens the door

March 17th 2013 22:04
Pope Benedict Economic Encyclical - Ray Tapajna Living Journal Review

Published letter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about new Pope Francis

Inspired by another St. Francis?

Other Voices By Other Voices
March 15, 2013

The news relating to Pope Francis mentions St. Francis Assisi and St. Francis Xavier, but there is another St Francis who may fit our times better: He is St. Francis DeSales.

Along with St. Jane de Chantal, DeSales founded the women's Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary. He was St. Jane's spiritual director; but in the end, St. Jane counseled him.

His most famous book is "Introduction to the Devout Life," written especially for lay people. He stressed love over penance as a way to ease the heart and soul. He stressed preserving the heart and soul with an evenness of spirit. He talked about doves who make the same sound in both the good times and the bad times; he called it the sweet law of the doves. In this way, he said, we could control that part of us that wants to go to war.

Such a soul is never dismayed either by difficulties of the road it has taken or by the greatness of the work involved. I call it the gift of "holy indifference," where we can go outside ourselves without taking down our heart or soul in the process. We preserve them for our beloved spouse, Jesus.

Our new Pope Francis appears to have these traits.

Ray Tapajna, Cleveland

Philosophy can only bring you to the door of Faith. Then you can knock on the door for Jesus to open it for the rest of the way into his heart. It seems our new Pope Francis has a way of opening the door for you. With my advocacy being dedicated to workers dignity, I look forward to Pope Francis thoughts about the economic day and the seeking the life ideal on earth for all in society.

Pope Francis reminds me of DeSales, my favorite saint. DeSales was a gentle compassionate man. He taught me to take it easy on my heart and soul and not to hammer them for my sins. There is a great story about him being the spiritual director for St Jane Frances de Chantel. The two of them
founded the Order of Visitation of Holy Mary sisters. Towards the end, things changed and the St Jane Frances became DeSale's spiritual director in many circumstances of their relationship. Pope Francis tells us about St Francis of Assisi and his need to serve the poor. For me DeSales touched me the most spiritually. Give him a try and let him open the door for you.

The merger of the work day with our spiritual day

He evidently opened the door for Don Bosco, who founded the Salesian Order for priests with DeSales as his example more than 200 years after DeSales death. The Salesian Order is dedicated to impoverished, the working poor and youthful workers. It may be time for more to unfold for the sake of the working poor and the impoverished workers of the world. It may be time for Pope Francis to connect the work day with the spiritual day in other ways.. Followers of DeSales now have two great order of priests and nuns.

...The Visitation Order was founded in 1610 by Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane Frances de Chantal in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, France. The special charism of the Visitation Order combines gentleness with a valiant spirit; initiative with communal support; dedication to prayer with presence in the world; and in contemplative life with an apostolic dimension. The order's motto is "Vive Jésus" (French for "Live Jesus")

The Order spread from France throughout Europe and to North America.
Today the Order numbers approximately 3,000 Sisters in 168 monasteries located in most countries of the world. In the United States there are 12 monasteries in two federations

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