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Unlimited Free Services and Tools for You

  • dreamrenewmorehttp://tapsearch.com

  • As a completely free courtesy of Ray Tapajna Living Journals enjoy unlimited free services, tools, ads, pages and much more to promote yourself, your live journal, business or any endeavor.

  • Features the best in free search engine, automatic directory, back-links and pinging services.

  • Include Free message center board where a single post will be seen across the Tapsearch Com World Network which now has thousands of resources on the worldwide web. ( Tapsearch main endeavor is about you in the global economic arena and it is an advocacy for local value added economies, restoring the free enterprise system and workers' dignity. )

  • For 1000s of resources, search under tapsearch.com, tapart news, ray tapajna live, tapsearcher, arklineart and/or add most any term or word after any of the above. For example search under tapsearch live journal and see what happens.

  • There are many other free services and tools to help you in all your efforts to maintain a good presence on the worldwide web including free webpages.

  • See also http://tapsearch.com/super-links for summary of Tapsearch Com World Sites.

Tapsearch Com World, featuring Ray Tapajna Living Journals related to news and issues about you in the global economy and Living Healing Art, Art that Talks issues, Flowers for you and Collectible Sports Art http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna


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